For all Programs - here are the steps to follow...
  1. Interview
    We hold meetings with families in several cities, starting in December. To see the schedule, go to the open house schedule page. In place of an in-person meeting, we can also conduct the interview over the phone, or it's possible to arrange a special meeting with one of us or one of our staff.
  2. Preliminary Online Application
    Preliminary Online Application
    Fill out the NEW Online Preliminary Application Form Note: it's always a good idea to call us to be certain that there is space and to tell us that you are applying.
  3. Submit Application and Deposit
    Submit Application and Deposit
    We will send you the full Online Application and $800 Deposit Form
  4. Two Essays
    Two Essays
    Complete the 2 essays and either mail or e-mail them to us as soon after applying as possible.
  5. Two References
    Two References
    Give the request for the 2 reference letters to your language teacher and the academic head of your high school.


Initially, we will acknowledge receipt of your application and deposit and hold a position pending finalization of your application. If all materials (including interview) are in by the end of any month, our Selection Committee will make its decision by the 15th of the following month and inform you shortly thereafter. If materials are missing by month's end, we will roll your application over to the next month.

If we have not interviewed you either in person or on the telephone, please contact us to set one up.
Many students are referred to us by their language teacher. And before most students apply, they have often called an alum or two, and talked to us on the phone several times. If the interview hasn't been held, but you are certain that you want to apply, definitely don't wait. Send in the application - we will call you to set it up after we receive your application.

Programs are nearly full by late March each year - acceptance ratios by after that time are about one in five or less. If you are applying late, please call us for availability. And in any event, call us as early in the process as possible, and tell us if you are seriously considering us as soon as you reach that point!