Assistant Teacher - France
Kathryn Spoelstra, Assistant Teacher
Bonjour tout le monde!
I am so excited to be a part of the Summer Language Program in Arles this summer!  I know it will be a rewarding and priceless experience for all those involved. 
A bit about myself: By the time I meet you all, I will have just graduated from Fairfield University with degrees in both French and International Studies.  At Fairfield, I have been the President of the French Club since the beginning of my sophomore year.  I was also an Assistant Teacher of French at Fairfield University where I used the Rassias method of language learning.  In addition, for the past three summers I was an Assistant Teacher for the Rassias Center’s Accelerated Language Programs at Dartmouth College. 
I began learning French when I was in first grade.  By my sophomore year in high school I was proficient in written French, but wanted to improve my oral French.  So I applied and was accepted to a month-long French immersion program for high school students.  I can honestly say that this was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life: I met some of my best friends there, learned a great deal about myself, and immeasurably improved my oral and written French!  I know how rewarding programs such as this can be, and I cannot wait to help teach students who are, like me, motivated and passionate about the French language!  I know that your experience will be rewarding not just in terms of improving your proficiency in French, but also in terms of getting to know a different culture, and perhaps even learning a bit about yourselves along the way!     
Last spring semester I studied abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France where I stayed with a host family.  It was incredible to get to know French and Provencal culture and to make connections with a French family.  I can’t wait to return to Southern France this summer with all of you!
Aside from French, some other passions of mine include the performing arts – specifically singing, dancing, and theatre.  I am also a huge basketball fan!  I prefer college basketball to the NBA, but I follow and enjoy both!
I will see you all super soon!  Start getting excited – I know I am! 
As most of you already know, Kathryn  we’ll meet you at the Montréal airport and will be flying both over and back to Montréal with you.