1. 26
    Day 1: Depart from New York City (JFK)
    Say goodbye to mom, hot dogs... and English!
  2. 27
    Day 2: Arrival in Lima
    Bueno amigo, ¡tu si que te ves bien!
  3. 28
    Days 2 to 4: Lima
    Orientation, exploring the city, and delighting in some ceviche!
  4. 29
    Day 5: Travel to Ica, Paracas
    The city located on the southern Coast of Peru was founded in 1563 and is home of pre-Columbian ancient cultures such as the Paracas and the Nazca.
  5. 29
    Days 5 to 7: Ica, Paracas
    Morning Rassias classes, afternoon excursions in Provence, evenings and weekends with your family.
  6. 2
    Day 8: Off to Trujillo to meet the Host Family!
    Trujillo is situated on the coast of Peru, about 7 hours by car north of Lima, one hour by air, and at the mouth of one of Peru’s larger rivers, the Moche River. It will of course, be winter there...
  7. 3
    Days 9 to 27: Classes and community work
    Enjoy the fine city, the sports club, your family and get involved in meaningful community service!
  8. 22
    Days 27 to 30: Cusco!
    The capital of the Inca Empire located in the southern Andean highlands of the country at 11, 100 feet above sea level. Cusco’s history lives in its streets, squares, valleys and towns.
  9. 25
    Days 31 to 33: Inka Trail & Machu Picchu!
    Machu Picchu is the Inca jewel built with the wisdom of the ancient Peruvians in an ecological environment. Captivating landscapes such as the Sacred Valley, where the mountains are clothed by terraces...
  10. 28
    Day 34: flight home
    You can speak English again... or can you?