​We are renowned for our personal touch, skillfully crafted programs, dynamic teaching methods, close personal ties to our host regions, and above all our highly qualified and knowledgeable staff. Read the staff bios and learn how staff is attracted to the Rassias name and how we run programs.  Our time proven mix of these ingredients gives Rassias summer program participants a one-of-a-kind experience

Our wonderful programs are based on the Rassias Method, invented by Professor John Rassias of Dartmouth College .
A typical schedule...
The typical day during the home Stay is divided into three parts: classes, afternoon and nights.  Click here for more info!
The Home Stay
We believe that the very best way to learn a language and a culture is to combine powerful classroom teaching with a family stay  - one piece done alone leaves a gap in the learning. 
The Travel Portion
The Rassias Language Program Experience
Each program spends some days visiting several different regions of our host country. Our object here is not to see ten cities in five days, but instead to give you a fuller view of a few cohesive regions
Click on the links here to find out more information about how we run our classes, what to expect in the target country, and during the travel days.