Karin Lopez
Local Program Coordinator - France

I grew up in Flanders (Belgium), learning French, English, and German at school. Although I've always loved languages, I don't remember enjoying myself very much during the lessons. The Rassias Method® opened up a whole new world to me. After meeting my husband, I decided to move to Arles and continue my studies in Avignon and Aix-en-Provence where I obtained a post-graduate degree in Irish literature. Thanks to a scholarship I was able to study at London University for a year.

In 1990 I was working as a free-lance translator, interpreter, and teacher of English and French mainly for adult learners. Of all the language teaching methods I've encountered, I'm genuinely convinced that The Rassias Method® is the most effective because it makes learning a language FUN both for the students and the teacher.

For the last ten years, I've been teaching English to teenagers in one of the local high schools here in Arles where I am the head of the language department. As a coordinator of a European ERASMUS+ project on sustainability, I am deeply convinced that young people need to travel and be immersed in the foreign language in order to make headway. Traveling, meeting new people improves their social and language skills significantly. That's why I'm also very interested in Information and Communication Technology which I use as a language teacher and to teach other language instructors.

Since 1990 I've had the pleasure to work with the Rassias/Miles family, first as a teacher then as a local coordinator. The Miles have become close friends and Dartmouth is a very special place for me and my family. Thanks to them we've made many other friends all over the USA. It's a real pleasure for us to organize the hosting and look after the group when they're here.

Our two children Lisa and Jeremy have both learned how to drill at a very fast pace, Jeremy as an AT and Lisa as a student of English at Kimball Union Academy.

When I don't teach or prepare lessons, I like to garden, cycle, swim, hike or read. What I enjoy most is meeting new people and that's why I've never stopped learning languages. It's also a great way to remember what is it like to be a student. While I was still in college I took a degree in Italian. I recently started learning Spanish and Swedish.