Mary Rassias
Co-Founder Rassias Programs

In the summer of 2012, Mary Rassias passed away.  She was, in many ways, our spiritual leader.  For many years, Mary handled several roles for us, all gracefully and effectively—mother of Helene, mother-in-law of Bill, office manager, voice of reason on the phone to hundreds of parents and students. She herself had lived and traveled extensively in Europe, spoke French, studied Spanish, and, given the life she had led, was keenly aware of cultural differences.

Besides having worked with us, she assisted at a Vermont homeless shelter, at church-related assistance programs for the disadvantaged, and several other community-based programs for the underprivileged. We will, of course, miss her greatly, but the programs of the future will always maintain the character and depth of experience she imbued them with.
Mary Rassias (center) with daughter, Helene Rassias-Miles (left), and her son-in-law Bill Miles (right)